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Every growing business or organization will eventually need professional management of their IT and telecommunications systems - computers, servers, email systems, wifi, phones, and voice and data circuits.


A company that provides this is called an MSP, or Managed Service Provider1.

Bitstream is an MSP - a team of technical professionals that build and maintain your technology infrastructure for a reasonable rate.


Bitstream provides all of these services for one flat monthly fee.

The fee is transparent and easy to calculate, and is based on the number of devices and locations that make up your organization.

Included in our flat monthly fee are procurement services - we procure and manage all the basic technology components that your business requires; things like:

  • Internet circuits
  • phone systems
  • computers
  • servers
  • networking hardware

So that we can guarantee the proper operation of all of these systems, we start over and rebuild everything from the ground up to exacting standards. This in-depth investment on the front end yields many years of reliable operation. The systems security configuration will be deterministically correct as a result of strict adherence to the Principle of Least Privilege2. And because we use solid state hardware and a minimalist design approach, your systems will be fast.

Ready to get started?

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